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2020 & 2021 Programs


Exciting New Program: Yoga Path to Ancient Greece

Exciting New Program: 

Yoga Path to Ancient Greece 

2020 Departures



Coming Soon 

2020 & 2021 Departures 

Wellness: Bali


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Bali Wellness Weekly Departures

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 Our portfolio keeps expanding with new destinations and possibilities. Keep in touch for our new programs.  

About Us


Our Travel Concept

We offer two kind of experiences: Wellness Programs and Yoga Retreats

Our Yoga retreats are created keeping in mind the travel destination. You will benefit of comprehensive travel experience and the serenity of a Yoga haven.

Discover and get inspired by our selected locations with exclusive access, specialized sightseeing and unique places for practice. 

Go beyond of a traditional Yoga retreat.


Yoga For Everyone

Our programs are designed for an advanced Yoga practitioner or an absolute beginner on a detailed program combining different styles and in most cases a master class.

During this journey our experts will adapt the experience considering your needs, abilities and expectations. 

Everyone will be encouraged to practice according to their own body.

 It is the moment to reconnect with ourselves. 


LGTBQ owned Company

YogaWorldTravel is a proud LGBTQ owned and operated company. We celebrate and embrace diversity and we strongly believe in the equality for all of us.  

The World is looking for peace, love and freedom, although the real changes come from ourselves. We invite you to equally embrace our earth, by taking care of your body and kind spirit.

We are all different and diversity is rich.

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